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I’m Glad You’re Here

… on this site, which I intend to be a space of connection. A launching pad for a group of wise women in Central Vermont.


These things happen as the years go by: People and pets pass on. Careers wrap up and colleagues drift away. Younger family members stay busy building their own lives. Often, they are far from us. Relationships have their ups and downs, as does our health. Activities we once enjoyed become less available or less interesting. We move on. All of this happens over time; but that moment we find ourselves closer to alone than we thought we would be feels sudden.

We realize we need others.

What You’ll Find

  • An invitation to get-togethers for women of a certain age. The Gatherings are opportunities to hang out, chat, meet up. These are times to be together. Low stakes, low pressure.
  • Information about workshops addressing concerns we share. (These are in the works. Let me know if there’s a topic you’re particularly interested in, wise women!)
  • Reflections on my own experiences and ideas as I gain wisdom. It is my hope they will spark in you a sense of recognition or comradery. I’ve included entries from my journey of the past few years. 

I would love to have your company as we continue to move our changing selves through this changing world. Please, join in.